About the Bordello Galeria… They say that art and prostitution are two of the oldest professions and there’s been a bit of both at Madam Turca’s “Casa de la Noche” and the Bordello Galeria.

Originally one of San Miguel’s oldest houses of ill repute, Casa de la Noche had its beginning as a bordello run by an infamous local madam, Gloria Leon, known as La Turca. It’s now a pretty guesthouse and gallery owned by Barbara Poole, a California painter and now a resident of San Miguel de Allende. Bordello Galeria  features the works of Mexican folk artist Ruben Morales and emerging contemporary Mexican artists, and local favorites from San Miguel.


Our story…         

In 2005, after extensive renovations, Casa de laNoche evolved into a 14 bedroom guesthouse featuring original art, fountains, flowers, and terraces with panoramic views. The Bordello Galeria was initiated then and continues to offer exhibition space for locals and emerging Mexican artists to show work in a home and garden setting.

With 150 linear feet of exhibition walls, the gallery venue offers a simple hanging system, rheostat spot lighting, and an open and welcoming space for viewing art near the center of town.

Bordello Galeria is a commission-free, single-event venue. While no commission is charged for sales, a portion of any sale is directed towards a local charity of the artist’s choice, and a small piece of art is given for permanent display at Casa de la Noche.

Artists showing their work are responsible for hosting all aspects of their Gallery Openings.

Galeria staff assists in hanging and dissembling the art exhibits.

Our practices and policies…

1. Artists are juried for presentation based on consistency with the quality and style of the Galeria, event timing, and their ability to fulfill their responsibilities for organizing and managing their Opening.

2. Artists will provide a vitae for Bordello Galeria and for presentation at their Opening. Artists will also provide a publicity article for the local “Atencion” newspaper.

3. No rent is assessed for the use of Bordello Galeria. The artist is responsible for all expenses: advertising, food, drink, staff, and cleanup. A small fee will be assessed for Galeria incidentals.

4. Artists are responsible for staffing the Opening Night and any subsequent gallery hours.

5. In lieu of commission, artists must identify a local charity for donation of a portion of their profit from the exhibition, and donate a piece to be featured on the walls of Casa de la Noche after their show is completed. The donated artwork will be chosen by Bordello Galeria for Casa de la Noche from several pieces to be selected by the artist.

7. All artwork must be removed on time and in a manner previously agreed upon between the artist and the gallery manager.

8. While art is on display, the Bordello Galeria is not responsible for any unanticipated losses or damages.

Contact us for a jury review and artist guideliness for an exhibition at the Bordello Galeria.

The Bordello Galeria is open Monday through Sunday 9 to 6 p.m. Call our local line (415) 152 0732 for an appointment for a private viewing outside regular hours.