Organos #19 Centro
San Miguel de Allende
Gto. Mexico 37700


From US/Canada: (831) 373 8888
From Within Mexico: (415) 152 0732



Casa de la Noche is ideally situated in downtown San Miguel (Colonia Centro.)
We are literally four blocks from the Jardin, meaning we are a 5 minute walk from the center  of San Miguel activities including the finest restaurants, live performances, shops, food stands, and more.
We are also just far  away enough to ensure a great night’s sleep on a quiet, safe street.


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It’s a tourist destination, and an art colony. And now, San Miguel is also home to several thousand expatriates, so our English-speaking guests will feel right at home.

In spite of the increasing number of tourists and newcomers over the past 20 years, it has retained its charm and still attracts both Mexicans and international visitors who flock here for special holidays, and more than just a few decide to buy a house on the spot. Thanks to the central location, San Miguel is a great base for day and weekend trips.

San Miguel de Allende is a small colonial town in the Bajío region of Central Mexico, about 170 miles northwest of Mexico City. Founded as “San Miguel El Grande” in 1542 by a Franciscan Monk, Fray Juan de San Miguel. It became a centerpiece in the war for Mexican independence from Spain. San Miguel is, first and foremost, a city built for relaxing.

This old Spanish town of perhaps 140,000 people is protected by the Mexican government to maintain its colonial character. In  2008 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.